Architecture Application

At one time a rare and technically complex process, panoramic views are now becoming more common with digital stitching software and small format pano-camera devices. But none can compare to the quality of a panoramic image captured with a Better Light scanning back – creating the world’s largest (and best) digital captures.

Using the accessory Pano/WideView™ motorized camera base, your 4x5 camera and any model of Better Light scanning back can create up to 360 degree SEAMLESS panoramic images, rollout images of cylindrical objects, and QTVR image movies of objects and virtual tour movies.

Landscapes have long been a favorite for panoramic photographers, but many commercial opportunities are coming into demand. Resorts, golf courses, and real estate developments are asking for panoramic or extreme wide view images to promote their properties. Virtual tours on promotional videos and the Internet are another growing application for panoramic photography.

A panoramic image of the golf course at the Maui Beach Hotel was used on their shuttle van.
Photo by Randy Hufford,  Maui  HI

ROLLOUTS are two-dimensional images of cylindrical peeling the label off a coffee can.   (for more details)

The object is placed on the motorized base with optional turntable platform. The camera and scanning back sensor remain stationary as the object rotates...creating a seamless reproduction of the flattened circumference of the subject

Create 3-D Object Movies using the optional Pano turntable platform. The object is placed on the turntable, and the number of images desired and total amount of rotation of the object is selected. Better Light's ViewFinder software will calculate the rotation per image and drive the turntable motor after every exposure. Use QuickTime or similar software to assemble the images into a movie format.

How times have changed!  John Coffer is a wet plate tintype photographer who Tom Watson photographed with his Better Light and Pano Adapter in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. John lives and photographs in the era of the 1860's; existing without electricity, running water, communications or internal combustion engines. He travels by horse and wagon.  Photo by Tom Watson,  Skaneateles  NY
Set yourself apart from other photographers with breathtaking images that capture vistas not possible with regular still photography...full 360° panoramics or wide-view images of variable extent that capture the perfect composition for the scene. 
(see Landscape Application page)
Explore new marketing opportunities with clients wanting a unique image of their building, property or facility interior. Select your lens for the amount of vertical coverage (earth/sky or floor/ceiling) and set the extent of pan rotation for the width of the scene. Minimal distortion...wide-field of view...seamless image...variable file size...and all with the quality and resolution Better Light is known for.

Architects, contractors and real estate developers are becoming very interested in large format digital photography to showcase their designs and properties. The sharpness, color fidelity and perfect rendition of fine detail is a benefit for marketing, presentations, trade shows and photographic surveys for repair work or remodeling plans.

The panoramic capabilities of a Better Light scanning back expand opportunities to capture unique wide-field views of a building or property...a valuable tool to give the viewers an accurate idea of the location.

Seamless panoramic captures made with the Better Light can also be used as "Virtual Tours" for presentations and web site use.