Pano WideView Adapter The Pano/WideView™ Adapter when used with the Better Light 4"x5" scanning back can create panoramic, rollout and QTVR images. This system can capture seamless 360 degree digital panoramic scans and wide-view images of adjustable aspect ratio, with wide or long lenses, up to 8,000 x 65,000 pixels — the largest digital panoramic images currently possible.

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Pano/WideView™ Adapter

General description of Pano/WideView functions and workflow benefits.

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of Controls and Displays

Explanation of tools and functions of the Pano capabilities of the ViewFinder software.

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Practical suggestions for successful scanning in a variety of photographic applications.

Two precision rotary motor base options:

Motor Base Size
Load Capacity
U.S. Retail Price
4-inch 50 pounds $ 3,995
6-inch 150 pounds $ 4,995

Object platforms in varied sizes are available to attach to the motor base for QuickTime object rotations and rollouts of 3D cylindrical subjects.

Prices are suggested retail price in U.S. Dollars.
Outside of the U.S. prices may be higher to include duty and freight.