Architecture Application
Better Light’s large 72x96 mm imaging area lets you make the transition from film to digital using your familiar 4x5 camera and wide angle lenses. Minimal change to your equipment and technique with results superior to film.

The extraordinary detail and control of tone range of the scanning back has distinct advantages over film capture. In addition, being able to examine each image on-screen helps tame difficult exposure situations and identifies where to edit out unwanted elements.
Large 72 x 96 mm (120mm diagonal) scan area lets you carefully compose your image on the ground glass, using full view camera movements for control of perspective, parallax and focus.
Wide dynamic range and precise control of exposure helps you capture difficult situations better than before. Color can be automatically neutralized from highlights to shadows using up to four sampling spots in the image.
Gain a competitive advantage and deliver a unique perspective with the addition of Better Light's Pano/WideView Adapter. This motorized turntable assembly allows you to select the extent of camera rotation up to 360 degrees. When paired with your choice of lens, you can create wide-view aspect ratios for your clients...seamless, high-resolution images without stitching.
(see more on Panoramic Application page).
Multiple scans remain in perfect registration, if the camera and scanning back are not disturbed, facilitating post-capture image editing to extend exposure range, correct for color variations, or edit out items not wanted in the final image.
Learn to THINK DIGITAL in you architectural assignments! "Using the Better Light in Architecture is difficult...Aye! but that's the fun of it", says Tom Watson. Using large format digital makes you a better craftsman and provides more ways to solve photographic challenges, such as capturing multiple images for extreme contrast range, mixed light sources or when lighting a scene in sections to blend later in post production.