To view details of this high resolution image, use the control symbols above:
Mouse Click: Point and click on a specific area to enlarge the image in increments. The mouse position will center in the frame.
Triangle Slider:
  Click and drag on small triangle at left of control panel to gradually enlarge the image, or click on the scale to change magnification.
Plus and Minus:  Click and hold on symbols on either side of slider scale to enlarge or reduce the image in the frame.
Arrow Keys:  Click and hold on arrow to move image up, down, left or right within frame.
Clock "Reset":  Returns image to smallest size.
Thumbnail Preview:  Click and Drag on red rectangle to select area to view within frame.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
To enlarge image in frame hold SHIFT key on Macintosh or Windows.
To reduce image in frame hold COMMAND key on Macintosh or CONTROL key on Windows.
To move image in frame CLICK and DRAG on image area with Macintosh or Windows.