December 2, 1999 marked the opening of the BETTER LIGHT USERS’ FORUM, an email group exclusively for owners and resellers of Better Light and Dicomed digital scan backs. It provides an opportunity to share solutions to challenges of digital imaging and discover new techniques or tools that have helped in a scan back workflow.

Participants also receive first hand information on new products, updates and technical bulletins, plus special offers. The Forum, with over 900 members, is a resource to get quick answers for technical questions and troubleshooting assistance from the factory as well as other users in the field. If you would like to participate complete the simple PDF form linked below.

A message from Mike Collette, President:

Hello, everyone:
We have established this email forum to promote direct communication between the "factory" and our registered users, and also among users of the Better Light as well as Dicomed digital scanning backs.

Our subscribers are encouraged to ask questions about scan back operation, lighting, lenses, color management, and other topics related to the use of our digital camera products. We'll try to answer all relevant questions as quickly as possible, and all participants are welcome to add their views as well.

Also please consider posting your unique solutions to challenges you have encountered -- for example, creative lighting setups, working with multiple exposures, Photoshop techniques, or even "war stories" you've survived.

We at Better Light will also use this forum to issue notices about new firmware and software updates, new products, and "tech bulletins" about various aspects of our digital scanning camera products. Thousands of messages are in the archives and able to be searched to research specific topics discussed since the beginning of the forum in 1999.

It is the only place where you will learn about training classes, new tutorial aids, and our annual Owners’ Conference. Other special promotions, such as our new searchable Users’ Directory are announced only to through the Email Forum.

If you are not already a subscriber, take a moment now to join the Better Light Users' Forum -- we're looking forward to your participation!

Regards, Mike Collette
Better Light, Inc.

Download the PDF application form and email to Better Light Support at address on the top of the form.

If you are a qualified Better Light or Dicomed owner, or reseller we will add you to our growing roster of scan back enthusiasts.