Fine Art Reproduction Application
Repro by Elegant Editions
Artist Doris Avila
Repro by Rod Perry
Rochester Public Library
Repro by David Christensen
Artist Annette Carrel
Benefits of Better Light Scanning Backs:
Superior Optical Resolution — Native resolution up to 8,000 x 10,660 RGB pixels (256 megapixels). Enhanced resolution up to 12,000 x 15,990 RGB pixels (384 megapixels).
No color interpolation — All Better Light scanning backs produce pure RGB data for every pixel in the image. Two-thirds of the image data from most single-shot digital cameras is interpolated.
No color artifacts or inaccuracies caused by single-shot Bayer-pattern sensor interpolation.
Capture 14 bits per color with a dynamic range of >3.3 D-max or
11-12 f-stops. Images can be saved as 48-bit or 24-bit RGB TIFF files.
Edge-to-edge sharpness can be achieved by using a Zig-Align alignment system. Camera standards and camera-to-artwork are made precisely parallel.
Focus confirmation in all three colors using the Digital Focus Verification tool in ViewFinder™ software to optimize camera focus under final capture conditions.
Adjustable resolution (file size) to produce the ideal file size for each image.
Create customized repro curves for optimal reproduction of most subjects without subjective judgments.
Accurate color balance is achieved by sampling up to four neutral points, assuring perfect neutrals throughout every image.
Advanced control of contrast to maintain delicate detail from the brightest highlights to the darkest shadows.
Precise exposure adjustments as fine as 1/10th of an f-stop to optimize every image and minimize post-capture processing.
Adjustable grid and guide lines assist in aligning camera and art to eliminate post-capture image rotation.
Automatic metadata recording of exposure conditions accompanies each image. Operator can add additional information before or after each capture.
Auto conversion from negative to positive for film negatives to reduce post-processing and aid in determining optimal exposure and contrast adjustments before scanning.
Outstanding customer service and art repro expertise from Better Light's staff of experienced photographers and engineers.
...who would know better than the company
that created the first digital scanning back!
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